The Giving Circle is organized with Co-Chairs and standing committees, which include: Grantmaking and Evaluation; Communications; Governance; Membership; and Program Assessment. The Steering Committee is made up of Giving Circle Co-Chairs and Committee Chairs.

Members are encouraged to participate on Standing Committees, combining their talents, energy, and passion to accelerate the work of the Giving Circle. Some committees have 2-year term commitments.


Grantmaking/Evaluation Committee

The committee is made up of 10 - 12 members and three Co-Chairs and uses a rigorous, three-phase review process, including site visits. The committee reviews proposals with final recommendations being made to the full Giving Circle membership for approval in May. Grants are awarded in June at the annual breakfast. The Evaluation Subcommittee conducts periodic follow-up and evaluation throughout the year, engaging grantees in an informal assessment of progress towards grant goals and objectives. A mid-year report on grant status keeps members in the loop and aware of the impact of their dollars. Grantees complete a year-end evaluation of grant outcomes.

Communications Committee

The Committee is responsible for the content and mailing of the Giving Circle’s newsletter, “The Circular” three times a year, as well a maintaining contact with the membership on community and Giving Circle news and developing media and Public Relations releases.

Governance Committee

The Governance Chair, with input from the Leadership Team, will regularly review existing RWGC policy to ensure it adequately meets the needs of the organization. 

Program Assessment Committee

The Program Assessment Committee creates short and long term processes to asses the effectiveness of our grants.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has responsibility for the recruitment and retention of members. They also have responsibility for selecting meeting venues and overseeing program logistics.