Grant Process

Grant Process

Our grants fund programs that are aimed at helping women and girls live productive lives, ultimately being able to support themselves and their children without depending on other sources.

With full member approval, the Giving Circle focuses grant making efforts on programs for women who are not in an immediate crisis situation and who have already demonstrated the ability to begin controlling their life choices. For girls and young women, we fund programs that help them stay in school and build skills and self-confidence.

Programs that serve males and females are eligible to apply as long as our funds are directed to the women and/or girls in the program. Click here to see grant priorities.

Our Request for Proposal is announced in January of each calendar year on The Community Foundation website. To be eligible, organizations must be located in and serve women and/or girls in Monroe County. They must have 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue code. Grant awards range up to $25,000. Proposals are due by March 1.

The Grant Making Committee reviews all proposals to ensure they meet our stated mission. The Grant Making Committee's granting recommendations are then ratified by the Steering Committee and general membership prior to the June grant awards breakfast.

We do not fund requests for/from the following:

  • Private foundations
  • Political organizations and activities
  • Capital campaigns and endowments
  • Building improvements, furniture, fixtures or equipment
  • Individuals and scholarships
  • Programs requiring religious affiliation or membership
  • Event sponsorship

The guidelines continue to evolve and may change over time.