About Us

The Rochester Women’s Giving Circle (RWGC) is a community of philanthropic women who combine their financial strength to support area women and girls on their journey to economic self-sufficiency. Annual grants are made to programs and organizations in Monroe County, NY that help women and girls gain the education and skills necessary to earn a living wage.

RWGC’s philosophy is ‘money in/money out’. Each year, all membership contributions are given out in grants, and the process starts again the following year. As an all-volunteer organization with no overhead, almost 100% of member contributions go directly to programs for women and girls, thus maximizing the impact of members’ dollars.

The Giving Circle is also a learning community, where members gain new insights into philanthropy as a vehicle for social change and find reward in being directly involved in shaping the future of our community.

Rochester Women's Giving Circle members, January 19, 2016 -- Photo by Lori Farr
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